ChatGPT for
Customer Support

Get AI suggestions for your customer service emails with our team inbox. Trained with your website content and previous replies. Say hello to lightning-fast support at a lower cost.

Speed up support

Reply twice as fast,
in half the time

Reply intelligently and manage all messages with ease.
InboxGPT is here to revolutionize your service experience.

Connect your mailboxes

Connect all your Gmail accounts seamlessly to inboxGPT and conveniently receive all your emails in one unified inbox.

Invite your colleagues and answer messages with the whole team.

AI assisted writing

Let AI assist you in crafting effective replies in any language 🇳🇱. InboxGPT suggests new messages and responses tailored to the content of your emails.

You can easily customize and tweak these suggestions before hitting the send button, saving you valuable time and effort.

Continuous Learning AI

You can feed our AI models with your website to better understand your business. Our AI models also learn with every email you send. They know the context of your business and customer queries.

Better and more accurate proposals each day.

Ready to take your support to the next level?

Connect your Gmail mailboxes and answer messages twice as fast

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